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Life in the Happy Zone - The Good Life

We at Happy Corporation constantly strive to provide you, valued customers, with all the advantages you wish for and truly deserve. Life in the Happy Zone guarantees the perks, mods and cons that encapsulate the Good Life, the life that you so diligently have been striving for. Why deal with Low-Strata-Consumers when you can stay amongst your own folks and be happy? Why breathe the thick smog when you can breathe the clean and healthy High-Strata-Air?

Come to the Happy side - It’s the sunny side, it’s the right side…

Stay safe - stay happy

It’s a dangerous business stepping outside, now more than ever with so many dangers lurking around you: Does this guy next to you have a violent history, does this woman pose a threat to your health? Questions like these can permanently occupy the consumer’s mind. But with Happy Scan you can relax, because you already know all the answers in the blink of an eye. Happy Scan instantly recognises potential threats to your security with our super fast AI face recognition linked to our vast iris-databank. It helps you relax so you can consume.

Happy Scan provides the security you need.

Happy cash - the only cash you’ll ever need

No tedious plastic, no remembering codes. Happy Cash is superquick and supersafe with our groundbreaking iris-scan technology. You will have both hands free for more goodies to hold. This is where consumer’s bliss can really start. And the real kicker: It is all wrapped up in one beautiful happy bundle. Your social points, your cash points, and your security admissions.

Your life can be light as a feather with Happy Cash.